Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Finally got around to this mix by René 'Vainqueur' Lowe. And it turns out to be the perfect dancefloor mirror to the Basic Channel cd (easily the most played cd in my house for the last ten years or so). Where the compilation stresses the dub and, more importantly, the atmosphere of what Basic Channel was all about, this mix reminds you of the immense influence these guys have had on dancefloor techno over the last 15 years. I could listen to this in an endless loop and still hear new sounds every day. It helps of course if your favorite Basic Channel - in my case being Cyrus's 'Inversion'- is the opening track of the mix.


OMC said...

Vincent, Vincent. Shocking, utterly shocking that got around to listen to this just now! :)

herman said...

Wow, this was the thing that got me interested in and aware of the whole Basic Channel/Berlin-techno scene at all! Surprised you only just heard it!