Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kneel before the Gods of Soul

Just returned from a dj set by one Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann. Man, oh man, one of the best sets I've ever heard! J Dilla (he insisted a lot on J Dilla, he played at least three J Dilla tracks), Freeze, The Dirt Bombs, Lil Louis's 'The Conversation', Eddie Grant's 'Time Warp', Smokey Robinson, Sexual Harrassment's 'I Need a Freak', José Gonzalez (have you ever met a dj who made you dance to acoustic guitars?) and, of course, a whole lotta disco, soul, R&B and funk (where da ya think he sampled all those sounds from?). For at least 15 or so tracks he played I'd give a smallest toe, just to know the titles. And the man ain't afraid either to take up the mike and start a cosy conversation with the dancing crowd. So, I think we can officially deny all rumours about Kenny Dixon being a rock-hard black activist who'd rather play his records behind the privacy of a curtain. Best dj set of the century, so far. This guy makes you remember what a good dj really should be. Unforgettable evening! Moodymann rules! Do I make myself clear?


Esco said...

I opted for the Wagon Repair labelnight in Fuse on that day, with a truly magnificent Mathew Jonson live-set and a suprisingly good Konrad Black set. New work of Jonson sounds (again) amazing.

Ludo said...

it's a Dilla year! :)