Thursday, August 24, 2006


Never liked them, never will. I believe I bought the cd version of their first album, the fittingly titled Birthdeath Experience, sometime at the end of the eighties and even then, when I was into that kind of extremist anti-musical shit, I just did not get the joke. Because it must be a joke, right? People who claim that they listen to this unholy racket out of their own free will, must be out of their minds. If they had a mind in the first place. Avoid at all costs.


rizzx said...

you're wrong, have you listened to Asceticists? a beat freak like you surely must be fascinated by the beats at least. they're awesome

Fire in the Mind said...

of course I listened to it but it scared me, and my cats too.

no seriously, don't like it. form without substance.

rizzx said...

the cats aren't safe when whitehouse is around, that's true indeed