Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok, I know smoking ain't the healtiest use of your time and that most smokers have some sort of masochistic death wish. But I am a smoker and frankly I do it with pleasure. I never smoke in front or near children or people who don't want me to smoke. I am not one of those smokers who feels he's got the right to smoke anywhere he wants. Concluding, most of the time I am a health hazard only and alone to myself.

So today I go out and buy some good ol' blue Rizla leaves. What do my frankly horrified eyes notice, surreptiously hidden on the narrowest side? A fuckin' invitation to quit smoking. This begs the question: why would I buy leaves if I intended to stop smoking? This begs another question? Why don't 'they' just leave me alone with their advises 'for my own good'? And why don't they put the same notice on each and every bottle containing any alcohol? Last time I noticed there were far more people addicted to beer, wine and/or spirits.

I'm seeing following things happening in the near future:
  1. They force you to quit smoking under penalty of suspending your social security
  2. Not being able to get a job because you're a smoker
  3. People getting stoned by smoke-hating mobs
  4. Underground smoking clubs
  5. Smokers gulags
And all that while breathing polluted air in an average city equals smoking three packs a day.

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