Thursday, August 24, 2006

Krautrock Update 1

Limbus 3 was a private release and is hence rarer than hen's teeth and is a totally freaked-out combination of kosmische sounds and ethnic percussion. Free music doesn't get much more free than this. But the album is well worth your time if you're looking further than the usual krautrock names.

Limbus 4 (Limbus 3 with an extra bandmember) got contracted by krautrock guru R-U Kaiser's Ohr and is thus easier attainable. But don't think that that simple fact made them more accessible. Both Limbus albums were at the time revolutionary because they introduced a lot of ethnic sounds into their crazy musical vistas.

Saat, by German-Canadian tandem Emtidi (on the Pilz label) is even better but should be avoided at all costs if you don't like folk music. As a sign of the times they include a lot of the classic cosmic apparatus (space organs, mellotron) but the songs benefit rather than suffer from that. A nice touch is that the vocals are in English as well as in German. Beautiful record.

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