Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hair Police

At first hearing Constantly Terrified is not that different from Whitehouse. But this I like. Maybe because they get under your skin instead of beating you black and blue with a new set of hammers. Very noisy and evil music it is though and I'm rather glad my neighbour below decided to leave for the weekend. Another good thing: this does not scare the cats. And the voice (or is it a howl?) really sounds terrified, which is a good thing I suppose. Music that catches the light and slowly strangles it. Afterwards they swallow it whole, I guess. If, like me, you've come to appreciate the essence of black metal, you just got to try this. Awesome in a sick, very sick way.

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rizzx said...

yeaaaah! hair police rule, they;re my fav. noiserock band at the moment. when you get a chance to see them live, do so. the best concert of the year was last may in hasselt, by them.