Monday, August 14, 2006

Total Toll

Just finished my first listening of the 7th episode in the Total series, Kompakt's yearly Techno Report. And it is to-ta-lly, com-ple-te-ly the bee's knees. Mediocrity is obviously still a dirty word over at Kompakt offices. Even considering that Kompakt is actually the collective name for more than five labels, then still one wonders at the sheer amount of brilliant tracks that is put on display here. One of the best electronic compilations I've heard. Ever!


OMC said...

Ha! I was considering skipping this one. Can't do that now? ;)

Esco said...

YOU KNOW IT!! Total brilliance. Expect a raving review. That superpitcher tune is sooooooo mindblowing!!

Fire in the Mind said...

yeah, that superpitcher track is the one you remember when the cd's over.