Friday, August 18, 2006

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb

Philip Sherburne went stark raving mad over this one a few Wires ago. I bought one of the three vinyl samplers and I liked it too. Microhouse allying with cosmic sounds is something I should like, no? But the cd offers way more goodies. You can hear straight Basic Channel techno, wary discopunk (think Flying Lizards), dry and rhythmic house (think Herbert), hypnotizing grooves that Peter Kremeier nor Villalobos would be ashamed of, and, of course, sign of the times, some electro house. But everything is brought on with a light twist and as far as one can apply da funk to electronic grooves, Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb always manage to keep the drive alive, thanks, in part, to a myriad of tiny, almost pointillistic, soundbites. And the opening track is cosmic alright, that is if you're willing to stretch your definition of cosmic as far as taking in not only Tangerine Dream andVangelis, but Jean-Michel Jarre as well. Wicked!

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Esco said...

YES!! Over here '18 years' and 'Last' are the favourites. Kindamuzik should have reviewed it already ages ago, but I gave the promo to some stubborn newcomer who has problems with the editors, hence no review. Or something like that. Anyway, really good album!