Friday, August 25, 2006

Full Stop

Been at it a week now, going at an average of four posts a day. Time to stop for a moment and reflect I guess. Strange that I've been able to exist for a grand total of seven months without so much as writing a single letter. It's what I do, don't I? Writing. I may not be the world's greatest or finest stylist, but I got something to say, or show, alright. I used to doubt that very fact. Not any more, I do. And surprisingly I'm feeling much better at home writing in a foreign language (ok, English is not really a foreign language, but nevertheless it is not my mother tongue). I'm guessing it's what they refer to as "the much needed distance". But then again my thought processes have always had a certain tendency to jump from one language to another. One moment it's English, then it's French and the next it could be Dutch. Luckily I'm not fluent in any other language or it would be a mess in my head. And on that side of things things are already worse enough. So let's start with the beginning and take it from there, instead of, like it used to be the case, wanting to develop a hundred ideas in one go.

Nevertheless I think it's gonna take a little while before I gather up the courage to come up with longer articles or essays. Not because I'm in doubt about my ability to write in English, but mostly because I got the feeling that I'm starting from scratch all over again. You feel like you got to learn the rules and goals you set yourself all over again. Writing in a language that is not your own is like asking directions in a foreign land. And, of course, but that's just me I guess, it's got to be different, better, too.

I'm working on a piece about Ricardo Villalobos (a new hero, it's been a while since I ran into one) right now and that 10-part essay I promised myself to write about Carl Craig is going to have come out one day or another. Maybe I will continue to write in Dutch for the KindaMuzik website but I am not really sure about that, because I've noticed in the past that when it comes to writing you better stick to one language. Developing an identity does not necessarily benefit from constant interrupts. Anyway, my opinion.

And now time for a new flow. A new place to live, a terrifyingly nice neighbour, new perspectives, new directions hopefully. The flood is coming and we got much to do (God, I'm starting to sound like David 'Apocalyptic' Tibet! Must take care with that).

Let's start ze dance!

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Guuzbourg said...

finally some time for that Filles Sourries guestposting? I'll keep stalking you about it until you do one.