Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Telegram Sam (4)

1. Carl Craig: Hush: Even his leftovers are pure genius. You can find this one on a Japan-only collection. Sounds like 69-era Craig. And that's good, right? 2. P.G. Six: The Dance: Heartbreaking first song of Pat Gubler's newest longplayer on Dragcity. Out in february. 3. The High Llamas: The Old Spring Town: Woodstock never ended if you got to believe this happy bunch. Pure pop music like they don't make them any more. Brian Wilson will cream himself over this song. Out in february. 4. Rufige Kru: Beachdrifta: I actually cried when I heard this one for the first time. Probably my favourite d&b track ever. No, not probably, pretty sure. 5. Rob and Goldie: The Shadow: "Shadow: a patch of shade, a dark figure projected by anything which intercepts rays of light" And this must be my second favourite d&b track ever. Old skool darkness without any mercy. 6. Mercury Rev: Back to Mine: The perfect Sunday morning mixtape. Say no more. 7. Burial: Versus: The best track on Warrior Dubz and, if I'm being honest, superior to everything on his already pretty brilliant debut cd. The best of Detroit techno and d&b in one neat package. Fookin' genius! 8. Clipse: Hell Hath No Fury: Long time since I heard such a fine in-ya-face hiphop album. It's all about selling coke, crack and brown sugar. Never mind if it's delivered like this. Welcome back Neptunes! 9. Tetuzi Akiyama: Don't Forget to Boogie: On endless repeat for weeks now. One man, one ridiculously distorted guitar, lots of riffs. That's it and it's enough. 10. Fat Freddy's Drop: Cay's Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix): Digital Mystikz prove once again that they're the undisputed leaders of the dubstep pack. Bass, bass, bass. And then some bass.

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