Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Merzbow/Gore Beyond Necropsy

Can you believe that I never heard one note of Merzbow before? Since there is a wealth of more than 300 cd's to choose from, I opted for one with a funny title. Rectal Anarchy (I leave interpretations to your perverted minds) was made with a Japanese bunch who call themselves Gore Beyond Necropsy and the second I put it on I already had to diminish the volume by half, in fear of an earache beyond repair.

Gore Beyond Necropsy's website put it like this, in a shrudely understated manner, I might add: "Their shared album with notorious Electro-Anarchists MERZBOW ‘Rectal Anarchy’ was far from subtle". Far from subtle? You are talking about a singer who sounds like he swallows gigantic turds for a living. By the way: the picture above is not actually the original cover. The original cover sported (yeah, you have guessed it!) an ass with a mike attached to it. So much for leaving something to the imagination. You would think those Japanese were a little subtler.

Now do not misunderstand me. I adore noise, sludge, grindcore and what do I know, because it has a certain cathartic quality to it. But this is too much. Luckily the cats seem to sleep right through it. Merzbow is of course also known as a animal rights activist and a fervent anti-whaling kinda guy. What I do not understand is why Greenpeace does not use his music to keep the whales away. Or, more to the point, to deafen the whalers themselves.

Can someone point me to a more accessible portion of the man's discography? Pretty please.

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Anonymous said...

Try "Antimonument" maybe?