Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rising Sons 4

Keijo Haino & Tetsuya Yoshida - New Rap [Tzadik, 2005]
You wanna talk deconstruction? Have these two take it away in your living room. Comparable with the Abe-Masayuki duo when it comes to sheer ugly noise, but Haino's at times extremely unnerving vocal exorcisms add another level. You could call it improv rock, I guess. You can discern pieces of - again - Bitches Brew, Can (Haino's bluesy mumble is very near in tone to Suzuki's), some Derek Bailey, some Borbetomagus but, as is custom with Haino, also heavy and raw and naked blues. Demons are not exercised, they are swallowed whole and afterwards violently spit out. Though there are quiter passages, when a more meditative mood is set, they are only there as a resting point for the following scorched earth attack on the remaining mental and musical barriers. Powerful shit!

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