Friday, January 12, 2007

Back 2 Business (2)

Seemed like a lifetime (I exaggerate deliberately, because, keeping my ravenous musical tastes in mind, it always seems like ages) since I had bought some vinyl, so I decided to make a stop by my favourite record shop and see what 2007 brings.

[your favourite record shop, dear reader, is a place, where they know your first name, where you can smoke a cigarette during the selection process, a place where they advise you, because they know your taste, not a place where they are by any means trying to sell you a record they bought too many copies of, and a place where you can exchange experiences about your latest nights out, in this case a shop where I have been buying house and techno for about 20 years now, because I bought my first record there when I was 12]

The records that I bought were actually not the most important thing that came out of it - of course you can expect a post about those soon. Rather I met a guy who has been organising some party nights in the province for a while now and he knowing some people that I know, we found out that we did not only share the same taste in techno and other music (i.e. the ever solid basis of Chicago Jack and Detroit techno, and of course classic 50ies and 60ies jazz), but, also that we had been going out for years in the same spots without ever meeting, and, this had to be the first time ever in a record shop that I met someone like that, that we shared the same taste in film and a lot of other things (damn', the guy even had a novel with him!). The kind of guy that maybe you do not necessarily always agree with, but someone who at the very least can act as a kind of sounding board for your own musical interests.

To cut a long story short he resparked my - true it never really went away, but it had slighly waned over the last year - interest in the noble art of dj'ing and asked me accordingly for a demo cd-r. So it could be that maybe after all I might be playing some sets in a few months, and this time maybe even by playing the kind of techno that I like.

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