Friday, January 12, 2007

And oh yeah....


Just had to get that off my chest. I apologize to the optically challenged for the huge lettering. Of course you must imagine my hysterically enthoused shouting with it. Some of my friends can imagine that, I suppose. Sorry for that, guys! Because being an old-fashioned kind of gentlemanly guy I would never shout hysterically enthoused when there are any girls, let alone women, around. I've learned as much in 32 years on this planet. Is that sexist, I wonder? Could be construed as such, I suppose. That is, if you are some kind of (take a deep mental breath! here it comes!) post-modern-gender-studies-kinda-girl. With post-modern gender studies I do not actually mean that there exists something like a post-modern gender. Or is there in fact something like that? And how would that look like from a distance? And from nearby? But I digress.

I duly apologise for the digression and the possible insult to all you (take that deep mental breath again!) post-modern-gender-studies-kinda-girls. OK? Friends? Not OK? Not friends? OK then. (Yeah, laugh all you want, but, as Horselover Fat would say: mental illness is not funny. And Horselover Fat is always right. Ask David Tibet, he will agree. And David Tibet is always right. How can someone who is described as an "apocalyptic folk musician" not always be right, I am asking you?)

No, seriously, I am just having a few laughs there. I have to remind myself sometimes that this is a serious blog about serious business, namely music. So, let's start again.

Up till now I have only downloaded the first two months worth of tracks this guy has come up with in 2006 and apart from a sore download finger (Mommy! I have discovered a new word! The download finger: "finger with which one clicks the mouse to download a succession of files", which is actually synonymous with the so-called "index finger", now that I come to think of it) I have been very pleased with the wealth of ideas. Thank you, mister Caretaker. You have chosen your name very well.

And then I have not even had the time to listen to Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia, which, by the way, must be the greatest title since 'A Shaving of the Horn that Speared You'. That's enough byways for one post. And enough madness for one year, by the way. (Sor-ry!)

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