Thursday, January 04, 2007

Guilty as charged

Burial mentioned this album in the last Wire-issue. It is quite a strange attraction, Todd Edwards. I know that he has been a huge influence on the 2step scene - and thus on dubstep too - and I am pretty sure a lot of producers adore him (I read somewhere that Daft Punk just love his stuff). The thing is: you always feel a little dirty after having listened to Todd Edwards, a bit like having a quick wank over Pamela Anderson.

His music is sooooooo fluffy, soooooo immaculately produced, with the lyrical content and the titles ('Next to You', 'Where Are You', 'Far Away') never rising above the adolescent musings of R&B, that at first you will consider him the epitome of glibness. But all his tracks are so catchy and so sweet that after all you do not mind one bit, most of all because he is so inventive in his productions. He is also really what you would call a producer's producer. You can imagine Daft Punk (the vocoders!), Masters At Work (the percussion!) or MJ Cole (the strings! the harpsichords!) dissecting his records in their own studios. Guilty pleasure if there ever was one.

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