Monday, January 08, 2007

God only knows

I do not know what kind of mind-numbing poison is being distributed via the Polish drinkwater to the general population, but it must be some heavy shit. On the other hand, it might also be the hard drug called religion.

A few weeks ago a group of Polish members of parliament wanted to declare Jesus Christ "King of Poland". Now a Polish bishop who was to be sworn in yesterday had to admit that for years he was a spy for the communist government. Nonetheless the people wanted him to stay, declaring it was all lies, though the guy himself admitted it before them.

And of course abortion, divorce and homosexuality are still near-capital offences in that so-called civilized country. And then Turkey should not be allowed in de EU? Man, oh, man!

You would be inclined to think that after being eaten up by Prussia, Russia and the Habsburgs in the 18th century, and then afterwards, in the 20th, being used by the Nazis as a laboratory for the worst crime this world has ever seen, and then still afterwards having been subjected to communist rule for the next forty years, these people would at least have grown some brains as to what exactly discrimination and intolerance can do to your country.

How many more principles are we about to give up in the name of economic progress? Who said again that everyday we wake up "on the wrong side of capitalism"? I would like to add that everyday I wake up on the wrong side of religion.

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Dejan said...

Well now I can finally issue my own RIGHT AS RAIN:

the Poles are not very brave slaves, you see. Like their Yugoslav fellow slaves the Slovenes, they would always leave it up to Serbia to play Asterix and Obelix against the Roman Empire and issue their historical NON to Capitalism and Communism alike.

So you haven't really seen the worst yet. After the integration into the EU has sunk in, the Poles are going to start whining against the European Union and ask the Russians to put them back into the Communist jail. Or whatever Master is the one with the biggest wallet.