Monday, January 22, 2007

Sounds fresh though

Aaron Dilloway: Rotting Nepal [Blossoming Noise, 2006]
I listen to a lot of noise records and most of the time they are just a kind of perverted ambient backdrop when I am writing or reading. To be quite honest: most noise records are there to listen to only once, a bit like a good improvisation record. But this one caught and held my attention for the whole experience. Should come as no big surprise, of course, knowing this comes from an ex-Wolf Eyes member, but this is again one hell of a creepy record. Creepy in that it opens up new dimensions of unsuspected evil. It is not evil in your face, but evil between the creases and the folds, evil in the walls, emanating from the waterworks, evil in your radio receiver, evil as in kitchen motors malfunctioning for no apparent reason, evil as in noise that eats up other sounds, turning what once was beauty into a white noise nightmare of pure bits and bytes. It is as if the radiowaves are not only populated by Conet Project sounds, but are one of the channels of choice for the Evil One himself.

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