Friday, October 20, 2006

Vinyl Update

Narcotic Syntax - Provocative Percussion [2x12", We In Rhythm]

Narcotic Syntax are generally one of the least interesting acts on Perlon, but this 4-tracker on We In Rhythm is the shit supreme. As you may have concluded from the title, percussion makes out the main part of these four side-long workouts. All four are good and not near as minimal as you would expect from these guys' previous outings. 'Fusión Nuclear' even has some motorik touches to it. But 'Descarga Narcotica', with its improvised marimba and vibraphone parts, is the one that will positively set the dance floor on fire. Recommended!

The Orichalc Phase - Violations [12", DC]

Another corcker from the best label on the block. The rock-'n'-roll/no wave attitude inevitably reminds of the label's strongholder The Emperor Machine. 'Comatone' begins as a 2006 update to A Certain Ratio but halfway the ryhthm slows down for a dubby space outro. The titletrack comes in two versions, with the original sounding like The Charlatans or Inspiral Carpets fed through a fucked up amp and the dub again slowing things down for an even more freaked out darker take. Yummy! And in case you would want to know: orichalc is "a metallic substance, resembling gold in color, but inferior in value."

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James Dean Brown said...

Ah, thanks a lot for your words of praise; shit supreme will definitely find its way into my future classification files! Funny that you call the Narcoboys one of the least interesting Perlon acts while recommending the one of all tracks which links together two productions formerly having been released on Perlon. Hm, "minimal", seriously? Rather call it the emotional maximum, as always.