Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Viiii-llaaaaa-loooooo-booooooos!

On October 30th it will finally see the light of day: 'Fizheuer Zieheuer'. Omar speaks about a revolution. Villalobos has indeed come up with a track that is, if you allow yourself to think it as a unity instead of the provided two parts, more than 35 minutes long. I am hoping that someone over at Playhouse has the brains to put this on cd as one long minimal dub excursion.

I would not call Villalobos' newest a revolution per se. Rather it is an inversion of what Richie Hawtin came up with a year ago with Transitions. Instead of making one long track out of countless other tracks, Villalobos takes one loop and stretches it until eternity. I would not call that a revolution as such, because it remains to be seen whether others will follow this course. But of course one cannot deny that, if the promise contained in this record would be followed up by others, techno may be looking at new and exciting horizons. On top, it promises a lot for dj sets to come. I can hardly wait to encounter the dj who carries this tune as a kind of signature throughout his set.

Most importantly, it sure promises a lot for Villalobos' further carreer, him being the first who has exhausted the length of one vinyl-side. Because you just hear that he wanted this track to continue much further than one side of vinyl could provide. I do not think anyone has ever filled one side of a record with such a long variation on just one loop.

And what a loop it is! Rivalling 'Phylyps Trak II' in hypnotic endlessness, it has been swimming around in my head since I first took notice of the man's set on Awakenings, and I predict it will not leave my mind for months to come. I can't wait to hear this over a big, big, big sound system.
No doubt about it: 'Fizheuer Zieheuer' is the tune of 2006.


luba said...

is that the one with the suicide sample in it? he played a track with a sample of "rocket usa" i think at 10 days. it was the only track of his set i heard, but it lasted about an hour.
or so.

Fire in the Mind said...

can't be sure of course, but i haven't heard any suicide in this track. it could well be that he used this track and put a suicide loop over it.

OMC said...

I should have said something like a "revolution in the right hands". Obviously Villalobos can be trusted with it but I wonder which other DJs can tap its power? Hawtin? I want Derrick May to find about this too.