Saturday, October 28, 2006

Telegram Sam

1. Villalobos: Fizheuer Zieheuer: If you play this two times in a row you're in almost 70 minutes of minimal fun. That's an album's worth! The longest groove ever. 2. Kode9 & The Spaceape: Memories of the Future: Eureka! The best new thing happening in music. Pretty sure about that. The electroclash wave swept off the road by a deeper bass and big city paranoia . London is a place to be again. 3. Banten: Banten: Like a lot of NWW List records this Danish bunch at first sounds like straight seventies jazz-rock. Then it starts perverting the rules and gets all strange and surreal on you with cabaret-style ditties and other crazy sounds. 4. Tom Carter: Sun Swallower: Reissue on cd of 2001 tape. Psychedelic Texas cowboy does it West of river Ganges style. He swallowed something alright. 5. Sophia: Technology Won't Save Us: This record won't either. They mean well but lack unity of purpose. There, I've said it. 6. Sandro Perri: Plays Polmo Polmo: Ring the alarm! Postrock! In this case all twangy and raggedy and chillin'-in-green-forest cosy vibes. Like the chaotic psychedelic atmosphere, but would like it even better if Sandro would leave the vocals to more able singers. Close but no sigar. 7. Midori Hirano: LushRush: Who? Japanese piano player. What? Tries to do something memorable with classical, electronics and found sound. Outcome? Fails. Next! 8. Risto: Aurinko Aurinko Plaa Plaa Plaa: Electronically enhanced punkrock, dirty-funky synthpop and cheesy rockabilly lullabies on one record. Contemporarily amusing Finnish business. 9. Avarus, Jaakko Tolvi & Chris Corsano: The Green Wah Tape: Can't help but thinking that a lot of contemporarily amusing Finnish business is a reincarnation of Amon Düül. Mighty drum business from Corsano while the others freak off their heads as usual. Music for heathen rituals and their aftermath. 10. Nath Family: Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol II: Ex-Wolf Eyes member makes lo-fi tape that sounds like its title. Charming indeed.

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bas said...

right there with you on the new sophia album. not really memorable, to say the least. a bit of a shame really.