Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vinyl Update

Movementz - The Locust [12", Sonar Kollektiv/Member Of The Trick]
Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow EP [12", Sonar Kollektiv/Innervisions]

Sonar Kollektiv strikes again and again. Movementz' 'The Locust' in the original version sounds like Chez Damier circa 1992, which is not bad as a reference but not very forward-thinking either. Trickski's remix is the real deal here. Employing the same sounds he constructs a très du jour neo-trance wobbler that retains the housey feel, but, thanks to a few nice breakdowns and ecstatic build-ups, catapults Sonar Kollektiv in the camp of the German techno contenders. Think Âme going Bpitch Control.

Stefan Goldmann's 'Sleepy Hollow' is in the same ballpark. Over here the original is awesome too, though. Cool house vibes hold your attention with a catchy melody that gets worked over through a battery of effects. On the flip Goldmann is joined by the Âme duo for an even more dance floor orientated mix. For those who have been residing on the moon the last two years: Âme rule.

Cosmo Vitelli - Delayer [12", I Am A Cliché]

Forget the original and flip right over for the amazing Quiet Village remix, an urgent italo-disco chugger with lots of spacey synths and over-the-top sounds. Something tells me 2006 is the year of Matt Edwards.

Isolée - The Western Edits Pt. 2 [12", Playhouse]

Out for a while but had to get this one because of the exquisite 15-minute Villalobos remix, that is, in my humble opinion much better than the original. Call it a sop until the eagerly awaited new Villalobos on Playhouse is unleashed upon the world.

Fuckpony - Get Pony [12", Get Physical]

The choice track from the Fuckpony album gets a 12" release and that was more than welcome because the album vinyl pressing lacked a fitting big system mastering. Flip 'Dawgs Life' adds another acidic dance floor stormer with a lot of trippy sounds to their résumé. Nice!

Suburban Knight - Hi Monster [12", Dark Print Limited]

Circumspection is needed when you encounter a Suburban Knight release on a label that is not UR. But this one is pretty good. You hear that Mad Mike has not had the final cut, but with the help of cohorts Sami Goossens and Gerome Sportelli James Pennington still succeeds in conjuring up that mythical cosmic Detroit feeling. 'Hi Monster' is more exuberant in a Red Planet trance style, while flip 'Alpha Game' veers more towards dark electro. But the vibe is deep and futuristic on both sides and makes you forget that dreadful Peacefrog release.

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