Monday, October 02, 2006


Laurent Garnier & Carl Craig: Kings of Techno [BBE]

After MAW's Kings of House and Peterson and Jazzanova's Kings of Jazz BBE gave Garnier and Craig free headway for compiling techno. A bit strange that Garnier focuses solely on Detroit Techno, but it's a nice double comp nonetheless. Garnier takes on Detroit's history from The Stooges unto Dabrye, while Craig goes delving in European classics, with Black Dog/Plaid making two appearances, next to pioneering acts like Visage, Yello and Nitzer Ebb. And Capricorn's 'I Feel Love', by far my favorite Italo track, is on it too. Essential!

Rob Mello: No Ears Mix [Classic]

Mello mixes up classic tracks from Solomon and Carter's now defunct Classic Music Company. A sort of flashback for me, because - I checked it of course - through the years I seem to have acquired no less than 43 records from that 'classic' house label. All quirky and tweeky shit with lots of freaky vocals set for the dancefloor. Well recommended if you like the typical Freaks style. Don't know if it's really on Classic because, as I said, the label stopped proceedings after its 100th release. Sort of an afterbirth I suppose.

Kaito: Hundred Million Love Years [Kompakt]

What do you know? Kaito unleashes a pure ambient record on Kompakt. No beat whatsoever in sight and no percussion to speak of. Pure chill bliss. Haven't heard a record like this in years, it seems. Reminds me of early nineties chill (think The Irresistable Force) and that's a good thing. Oneiric is the word I think I was looking for.

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