Saturday, October 14, 2006


Don't know what to think of this one. These last months I have been digesting (because you just cannot consume this kind of music as you would something by Joanna Newsom) a lot of unpenetrable noisefests. Wolf Eyes I like most of the time, Hairpolice too, Whitehouse scares my cats as much as it does me. Tribulation falls somewhere in between. I actually took a nap while listening to this, because Joris had recommended I would sit though it in one go. And how ridiculous that may seem with a record that wreaks such unholy havoc, I almost fell asleep. It is one big chunk of noise and those trying to tell you that they discern some structure in this, are at least a bit lying (or have more goodwill at their disposition).

Maybe a second listening (but who really desires a second listening of such stuff) will bring more nuance to my opinion, but I sat it through without blinking an eye, and now, a few hours later, all I remember is a barrage of sonic debauchery that was so overpowering that it did not do too much at all. Yes, you hear some metal influences, buried deep into the core of it, but even when you unleash this kind of hellish white noise, you have to provide the listener with at least the suggestion of a bearing. Just pasting all these pieces together without as much as a transition is like beating your audience to pulp with a big chunk of stone and then, when they have barely recovered, throwing another on top. It hurts and dulls the senses, not leaving much space for enjoyment at all.


rizzx said...

it's not really vintage Skullflower though, which I state in my review as well. This could've been a minor Hototogisu release.

Fire in the Mind said...

as i stated, the problem with this kind of genre is that you ask yourself if you really want a second helping. so my opinion may not be entirely honest.