Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Carl Craig Update

X-Press 2 featuring Rob Harvey - Kill 100 (Carl Craig Remix) [12", Skint]

Carl Craig delivers his best remix this year. Yes, it is better than the DFA remix and better than the Burial Mix remix, both already quite brilliant mixes. As usual it stretches 9 minutes plus with all the usual sounds that you have come to expect from a Carl Craig dance floor remix. It has much in come with his Goldfrapp remake from a few months ago but on this one the mixing board was not set on automatic and the vocal treatment reminds a bit of his classic Aquarhythms remix. No jazzy, housey or dubby additions, just straight for the techno jugular. And those strings appearing around minute seven are a gift of God. The shit!

Martin Buttrich - Full Clip [12", Planet E]

After a period of re-releases Planet E finally seems to be taking up its pioneering role again. Last month's Ican release was already pretty good, but this two-tracker by Germany's Martin Buttrich (he was co-responsible for Timo Maas's Depeche Mode remix) is much more in sync with what is currently hot on the European floors.

On 'Full Clip' he drowns you in ever building strings and the overall effect is not too far from later Transmat releases or a good Steve Rachmad track, if it were remixed by Âme. And true to the 2006 climate it lasts well over 12 minutes. The groove that never stops, that kind of record.

Flip 'The Programmer' is a more subdued affair with sweeping synths and all kinds of little whirling noises, well suited for a Sonar Kollektiv style deep house set. But the woman's voice keeps it, in contrast to the outer-space titletrack, a bit too firmly on Planet Earth. Not too bad, but no match for the brilliant a-side.


OMC said...

"it is better than the DFA remix"

It's good but not that good. Probably has to do with the source material. Sorry. :) Dare i say it, I even prefer the Radio Slave rmx.

Guuzbourg said...

Ah, Carmel Carmel.

Fire in the Mind said...

i was never that baffled by the dfa remix. ok, the intro is a brilliant piece of music but i like this better as a whole. it brings a smile to my face. and when those violins kick in the seventh minute I almost start to levitate :-)

Esco said...

DFA Remix is overrated.