Monday, September 25, 2006

Not so Junior anymore

I put this on when I came out of bed on sunday morning and a day later I'm growing more addicted by the minute. I didn't like their first album at all (I mean that it met with a truly unredeemable disinterest from my part), so this second album comes on as a surpise, a revelation of sorts.

Me personally (but that could be a K-Punk-reading related syndrome) I'm reminded most of Ultravox and John Foxx, but ultimately Junior Boys always sound so much warmer. The immaculate Kraftwerk of Man Machine is somewhere in there too and on some tracks it is almost Metro Area with vocals, an even more minimal version of Kelly Polar. For a brief moment the shadow of Brian Eno's future pop records is looming and by now you know that there's even a Sinatra-cover on So This is Goodbye.

Not that it matters or disturbs. As all truly great artists they take elements from a wide range of influences and create something new and undiscovered out of it, celebrating instead of emulating their shining examples. Add to this Jeremy Greenspan's voice, that sounds as if it's been designed especially for this kind of instrumental backdrop and you have a superbly crafted collection of timeless electronic popsongs that's oozing future nostalgia like there ain't no tomorrow.

Sublime! Magical! Da real shit! That kind of record.

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