Friday, September 15, 2006

3 Eggs

The Hafler Trio, Andrew Liles and frequent Nurse With Wound collaborator Colin Potter take you on a very mysterious soundscape journey that takes you from the deepest bottom of the sea, through damp primeval caverns, to the highest and coldest windy peaks. No drones but a barely audible alternation of immaculately distillated ambient - almost to the point of silence, there are moments when you wonder which part is environmental sound and which is music - and lots of weird soundforging (are those voices or just weirdly looped soundbits?). 3 Eggs may at times come on a bit ghostly and unheimlich but it is all so beautifully structured that not a note feels out of place, which makes it a perfect soundtrack for limbic dreamstates and other transitional phases. Reminiscent of Cranioclast's Iconoclastar, and that is a compliment, should you wonder.

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