Saturday, September 16, 2006


Listening to Xasthur's latest offering, Subliminal Genocide, I'm imagining Dante being taken on his tour through hell, but with Lautréamont instead of Virgil as a personal guide. There really must be a lot of pain hidden in the soul of Malefic, the man behind Xasthur. Enduring his music is a bit like being eaten from the inside by phenomena unknown and knowing that there's no end to your suffering in sight for the next century or so. Any ray of hope that manages to invade this dense fog is immediately swallowed whole. There are times when I think I'm gonna shit my pants listening to this guy's inhumane yet thoroughly captivating growls and howls. Recommended for sure, but I'd advice keeping that brand new ultra-absorbing toilet paper at arm's length.


Martijn said...

Downloaded it, but this is not my favourite style of black metal. I prefer the rawer sounds of Darkthrone and Impaled Nazarene.

Fire in the Mind said...

i used to be a goth, so you can understand why i like xasthur :-)

Martijn said...

Well, I think that's it really. Xasthur has almost more to do with traditional gothic and shoegazer than with metal.