Sunday, September 10, 2006

Digital Mystikz

This week I dismissed Burial as something not for me. And now I know why: I want my dubstep instrumental and still somewhat danceable. And ain't that just what Digital Mystikz provide. Their stuff is very minimal, sticking to one idea and making the most of it. You can still feel the dub, but the overtones of raw electro and residual rave ring much louder in their almost clinical structures. There's an undeniable sense of immediacy and urgency here, yet the music sounds incredibly restrained, like a Plastikman-gone-evil. And, something I very much like, at times you can almost feel the paranoia. Best start out with their recent singles on Soul Jazz, then you'll know what you're in for.

And now I'm gonna listen Various Production's The World is Gone, which, as I've been told by Mister Mathias, is the future of dance music. Will keep you posted on that.


Esco said...

Well, maybe not of DANCE-music, but it is definetely a fresh sound. And I like it a lot.

Fire in the Mind said...

me too :-)