Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Telegram Sam (3)

Since Blogger is half of the time not able to upload the cd-sleeves of the records in my top 10 of 2006, I'm squeezing a Telegraphic Samuel in between.

1. Depeche Mode: Sinner in Me (Villalobos Remix): As those Hasty Fashionist cunts apparently do not want to release this brilliant remix, some evil person decided to press it on a fat slice of vinyl. Serves them right. And oh yeah, Villalobos is a fookin' genius. 2. Dharma: Plastic Doll: Clone Classic keeps them coming. This Italo classic is on the thin line between kitsch hell and electropop heaven. And it sits there just right. 3. Marc Moulin: I Am You: On january 3th I'm doing an interview with this Belgian legend who you may know from Telex and Placebo. In the interest of doing a fine interview I will be careful to not mention my opinion of his new record. Mind you: it's way better than his previous two. But that's not saying much, innit? 4. Justice vs Simian: Never Be Alone: From quite a while ago, but got hold of it only last week. What a great record this is! 5. Vince Watson: Renaissance: Not bad for a Planet E but hardly Watson's best record. Go for the a-side for ecstatic sub-trance. 6. The Popular People's Front: My Flat's on Fire: Some cheeky bastard decided to put on electro-track under Busta Rhymes's 'Light That Ass on Fire' and it is even better than the Neptunes original. 7. Incogdo/Kenny Larkin: Simply Just a Ventage/Wondering: Bootlegs rule! This one compiles Derrick May and Carl Craig's sought after Outland release and a limited Warp 7" of Kenny Larkin on one 4-tracker. Hotter than than a 1000 suns, especially Larkin's brilliant 'Wondering'. 8. Zwicker: I Get My Kicks at Nighttime: On promo for ages and now out on Compost's Black Label. Funky electro groove with killer funny lyrics. That's enough for me. 9. VA: Spaceships and Pings: Fine 4-tracker with outstanding tracks by Konrad Black and Magda, both going electro. The Troy Pierce and Marc Houle tracks are more of the forgettable kind. 10. LCD Sound System: 45_33: Not too sure what to think about this one. It is definitely not boring because I did not switch to another track during the first listening. But what it is other than 'not boring' I am not too sure about. OK, James and Tim like disco. So what?


Esco said...

Unsurprisingly I'm totally digging the Vince Watson record :). (and the Villalobos remix of Depeche Mode).

Fire in the Mind said...

that depeche remix is the bee's knees, man! just keeps on growing.

Dejan said...

Fire, help!

I really don't want to spend 200 euro on all the CDs from your blog, Shaviro's top 10 list and several other musical recommendations I've been unable to follow because I watch too many DVDs. Where can I download
the Burial and the Kode 9 at least?
Many thanks Dejan

Fire in the Mind said...

hey, dejan, gimme your email adres and i'll point you to the right spot