Saturday, December 09, 2006

Telegram Sam (2)

1. Booka Shade: Darko (Booka Shade meets Hot Chip Mixes): The Booka Shade mixes are mediocre at best. It is Hot Chip that brings a welcomed surge of invention and their two remixes are pretty genius, with the second remix being the bee's knees. 2. Uniqorns: Uniqorns: Welcome to slower-than-slow territory. A trippy slo-mo original and another splendid Quiet Village remix, that rivals the best tracks on Made in Menorca. Nice sleeve, too. 3. DJ Pierre: Box Energy: Ever since News has taken in hand the legacy of Chicago's greatest ever label, all classic Trax are available again, this time around, though, in pressings worthy of that noun. This is probably my most favourite acid track ever. Deep, dark and trippin'. 4. Patrick Pulsinger: Presents Utopia Parkway: Long time no hear but Pulsinger has always been one of the reliable stayers. He proves exactly that with this kosmische 3-tracker on Compost's Black Label. Go with the flip for two cool-as-ever dis-ko-tek-no crackers that remind of Sluts'n'Strings & 909-era Pulsinger. 5. Magnus International: Kosmetisk: Another one of those tracks that you get into even deeper when you are exposed to it more often. Norway rules the housewaves. 6. Theo Parrish: Falling Up (Technasia Mixes): Deceivingly simple but a smooth diamond. One of the best techno tracks in ages. 7. Sexual Harrassment: I Need a Freak: Finally found this one. Not the original pressing but an obscure German license. Wouldn't be paying for the costly originals either, because, except if you are Ed DMX, all other tracks on this 1983 5-track EP are pretty wack. 8. Ricardo Villalobos: What's Wrong with My Friends?: Indeed, friends! Golden Ricardo hits again with more trippy longies. Not all tracks are equally danceable and, no, this is no second 'Fizheuer Zieheuer'. That's just because there is never going to be a second 'Fizheuer Zieheuer'. 9. Djuma Sound System: Djinn Remixes: Forget the flip and go straight for the 'Ob-Selon Mi -Nos'-stylings of Trentemoller's heavenly remix. One of the tracks of the year. 10. Phantom Slasher: Gruble: Already posted this one. Mentioning it again because it is one of those double-packs that just keeps growing and growing. Totally tripped-out crazy disco with a fat slice of dub. Go straight for 'Lasagne for 10' and 'Satchell on My Doorstep'. The first is one of the best space disco tracks ever, while the latter is one nifty edit of Roxy Music's 'The Main Thing'. Noid always goes recommended.


OMC said...

Jaha, die Trentemoller remix van Djinn is fantastisch, al vraag ik me af of hij er veel aan heeft veranderd?

Esco said...

Ik ging net hetzelfde posten. Leve de Djinn remix..

herman said...

Je moet de Carl Craig-remix van dat Theo Parrish-nummer ook maar 's beluisteren, mocht je het nog niet kennen. Erg mooi ook.