Friday, December 22, 2006

9: Thomas Brinkmann - Klick Revolution

I like the word revolution. Maybe mostly because revolutions these days are never accomplished in a short period of time, like they used to, but slowly and sometimes inperceptibly. I like Thomas Brinkmann for the same reasons. While other minimalists like Villalobos and Hawtin are, maybe deservedly, in the heat of the spotlights, he continues, for years now, to make one great record after another with anybody noticing. Apart from his three quite brilliant Soulcenter* releases, this is his best yet.

Like every true minimalist he starts out with the slightest possible amount of elements and gradually transforms them into a behemoth of squirming patches of sound. On top, this record is made up only of samples of crackles, glitches and broken parts he took from an array of soul and funk records. Broken records never made this kind of beauty possible. "Anal!", I hear some people say. They are right of course. Then again, Hitchcock was anal too, and he is one of the greatest directors of all time. Thomas Brinkmann is a genius and Klick Revolution is, for the time being, his pièce de resistance.

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