Monday, December 25, 2006

6: Wolf Eyes - Human Animal

When Sonic Youth starts mentioning your name in mainstream magazines you know you are going somewhere. I do not know exactly how much records these guys have unleashed upon the world in 2006 but they were many, like a diabolic dominion wiping out all rivalry in one battle. Even considering the sheer numbers, this is undoubtedly their best yet.

It is music for underground tunnels, where drooling and slimy alien and absolutely up to no good lifeforms are sneaking up behind you to let you know they could, at any time, annihilate you. For the time being they do not act, however, just because they like to toy with your swelling fear. Human Animal is all about getting to know those primeval and atavistic longings. You wet your pants, for sure, but it is exciting nonetheless. That feeling.

Some take a liking to Wolf Eyes for their unholy noise, but I actually like them more for the inhuman growls and cries, as if they have finally found out the meaning of life, and will not tell you about it because it is way too gruesome to talk about. "Words fail you": that is the exact thought Wolf Eyes records conjure up.

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