Monday, December 25, 2006

3: Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye

As I was saying, 2006 was a year of accomplishment. It certainly was for Junior Boys. This is without any doubt the record I have played most in 2006. Junior Boys manage to combine youth reveries (Roxy Music's Avalon, John Foxx, Ultravox, Kraftwerk) with the stringent neo-disco of Environ and Get Physical. Jeremy Greenspan's vocals infuse these electronic dance tracks with emotional delivery and relevant lyrical content, so you get a total package of only good things. And for post-millennial concerns: there is a lot of positive, at times almost romantic longing in this music, a universal sigh that is hidden somewhere beneath the beat. On top there are some real corkers on So This Is Goodbye: 'The Equalizer', 'In the Morning', 'Double Shadow', before anything they are strong pop songs. But they know how to groove as well. A winner in all categories.


willem said...

Hear hear

You just placed it two positions too low ;)

Martijn said...

I really don't understand this band, which annoys me to no end. Very flat synth pop, that's all I hear. Although, that's not entirely true: with a singer with a good voice and interesting melodic ideas, I might have liked it.