Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vinyl Update

I'm going to have to wait some weeks to have access to my mp3 collection again, but luckily I am one of those people who have turntables at home, so listening to music is not a problem. Here's the weekly harvest from the vinyl shops.

Villalobos: Fizheuer Zieheuer [12", Playhouse]

Record of the year! 1 loop, 37 minutes, 2 sides. Get! It! Now! Nice sleeve too. And a new double vinyl on Perlon is forthcoming too. Go Ricardo, Go!

Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Technasia Remix) [12", Third Ear/Synchrophone]

Been a while since the Technasia duo pulled off a really great track. It's no match for the Carl Craig remix of that same track, but it is über-functional and warm Basic Channel meets Detroit techno nonetheless. Should be a well-deserved hit on every techno dance floor.

Tim Xavier - Stuck on Earth [12", LTD400]

Kosmische goes minimal. Three hard-edged minimal grooves that remind of a typical Perlon release, but with lots of crazy edits, industrial sounds and cosmic wizardry. And the last track with the tropical thunderstorm sounds is a dj's dream. This is how techno is meant to be.

Outlines - Listen to the Drums [12", Sonar Kollektiv]

Jazzanova are back with a vengeance with a splendid 4/4 remix of Irfane's broken beat original. Classic house sounds rule on this really sexy record. If you like the early Âme releases, you should dig this too.

Magnus International - Kosmetisk [12", Full Pupp]

More laidback electrodisco pressure from Prins Thomas's excellent label from newcomer Magnus Sheehan. A little bit of disco, a little bit of italo, a little bit of electro and so forth, you know the deal by now.

VA - Kings of Techno Part A [2x12", BBE]

Red hot compilation of techno monsters, proto-techno and Detroit pioneers by Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. The vinyl version includes extra tracks by Liaisons Dangereuses, Severed Heads and a top Detroit techno track by Instinct (from the short-lived but legendary Decisive imprint). The Temptations, The Stooges, Aretha Franklin, Visage, Carl Craig ('No More Words', with its first official outing since the original Retroactive release), The Black Dog (the classic 'Virtual') and Capricorn ('I Feel Love') are featured too. Part B is equally succulent of course.

Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After [12", Lo]

The first record from 1978 recently resurfaced on Rephlex and so Bernard Fèvre decided to make six more tracks. Completely original electronica somewhere between disco kitsch and typically French way-out thereness.

Radio Slave - Secret Base [12", Rekids]
Spencer Parker - Beautiful Noise [12", Rekids]

It does not get more contemporary than on Rekids. Two times classic acid house sounds from Matt Edwards's classy label, with additional remixes by Rob Mello and Ripperton. Pumping stroboscopic dance floor fodder without a lot of pretense. Just jacking the house, baby!

Holden - The Idiots are Winning [2x12", Border Community]

James Holden is one sick motherfucker. Initially each number sounds like a regular club track. But then he starts to get real nasty and perverse with the melodies and rhythms, turning every track into freak heaven. Free techno at its very best. Wow, this guy's a talent!

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