Sunday, November 12, 2006


I'm not too big on plugging other blogs, even less when I am detecting Lacanian dynamics (although that may be a little prejudice based on ol' Jacques' methodology). But it is an undeniable fact that people like K-Punk and Dejan are infinitely more interesting than your average blogger, being more directed at ideas and real critique instead of offering the usual bloated 'I like this' or 'I think that'. So I'd like to signal the latter's Cultural Parody Center for all your critical cultural needs. The writing is sharp as a knife, it's totally irreverent of whichever reputation and the scope is definitely multi-dimensional, ranging from Madonna and porn (or is that the same?) to the Efteling and Zizek. And that is how I like it.


Dejan said...

Hey thank you for this wonderful assessment of my writing ability. I wish I could respond in kind, but the God honest truth is, I haven't listened to the music you write about. Ever since I migrated to Holland I don't know where I can buy such music. Music is incredibly important to me, and I come from a musical background as well, so this is a really stupid paradox. So please can you tell me where one can get stuff like k9?

Fire in the Mind said...

try downloading ;-)

no, seriously, I do not know where in Holland you are currently residing
but there should be a good underground music shop somewhere in the vicinity. not?

Dejan said...

I reside in Leiden, kitty corner to Den Haag, and inside the Randstad area...kan niet zien of jij ook uit Holland komt, maar je blogvrienden blijken Nederlands te zijn.

I did walk into a few underground shops before but the titles you mention are all still new, so I guess I will do the bit torrent thing.

Fire in the Mind said...

indeed, but that's because i'm writing for a webzine and thus have my cd's a few weeks/months beforehand.

i'm from belgium, by the way