Friday, November 17, 2006

New York Noise Vol. 3 [cd Soul Jazz]

The third installment of what has been generally a good series, with this one being my personal favourite. Mostly because I have been looking for vinyl versions of Implog's 'Holland Tunnel Dive' and Dark Days' 'Nudes in the Forest' for what seems decades now. The Martin Rev track is also pretty awesome and shows clearly that Suicide's role in the current neo-wave climate is being constantly underestimated.As usual nothing but revolutionary and really obscure music from the Big Apple, with material dating from 1979 to 1984, a musical vault of treasures that at the moment is being rapaciously plundered by James Murphy and his mates at DFA and in Europe. With diversity really having a meaning over at Soul Jazz HQ you get to take a trip that takes you from the free music inspired percussion blues of James Blood Ulmer, via Boris Policeband's 20-second demented punk poetry and the electronic coldwave of Ikeyard and Dominatrix, to the 8-minute long proto-techno ramblings of Implog and Martin Rev. And there is an Elvis-cover somewhere in there too. Über-essential!

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Tal said...

thank god for soul jazz records, ey? keeping the kids dancing

cool blog, by the way