Monday, March 19, 2007


"What is wrong with you, is wrong all the way through you" - Cormac McCarthey

Can a place be condemned by the words spoken in them?
Science is truth, the rest interpretation. Alas.
Beware of the seekers of the light of truth. They may burn your face along with theirs.
No energy is ever truly wasted. But time is.
Can language bend time? Can words?
Your final word can be the beginning of a whole new world for the other.
Is a word dead when spoken? Or does it begin to live then?
Is a word dead when written? Or does it begin to live then?
Can something ever be truly committed to written language? Or does it forever live on in the mind?
Is writing a duty? Is it a curse?
Can a face express an idea? Or only an emotion?
Is there such a thing as the grammar of being?
Can understanding stand between us? Does it seperate us?
Can too much signification kill a word?
If the pen is mightier than the sword, how mighty is the word?
Eros and Thanatos? Or Eros, Thanatos and Logos?

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