Thursday, March 01, 2007

After all it is not all that difficult, innit?

Amazing how a mere few rays of sun can make you conclude a rather simple matter that for others seems worth opening up about thirthy cans of Deleuzian lexicology.

So, to put it quite profanely, I was walking in the sunshine today and noticed how my dubstep really was not working. Under normal circumstances I use dubstep as an aural backdrop for my forays into the Antwerp slums and other nightly travels. So guess what: h**nt*l*g*™ is really music that thrives best at night. Amazing, innit?

Come on! Be honest! Make the list: Ghost Box, Mordant Music, Chain Reaction, Sunn 0))), dubstep and what other musics that are now infamously referred to as h**nt*l*g*™ is plainly and simply the kind of music that you put on and that works best when the lights have gone low. And it is just that.

See, it can be really simple. And the bottle with Po-Mo photofluid can stay on the shelf.

[a further remark: I have been wondering ever since this whole ghost-ology thread started, why the current rise of noise was not included. And then I found the, again, simple answer. It is because these guys do not use the word 'ghost'. I mean: listen to Aaron Dilloway's Rotting Nepal. That is truly scary shit!]

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DEJAN said...

fire, it is true that when listening to burial hauntology was NOT the first thought that came to my mind. the music is highly atmospheric and indeed brings on the night, both with its feeling of dread, and with its feeling of ultrasonic, barely discernible invisible PRESENCE. Something like that.

But my curiosity is aroused regarding your kinky forays into the slums of Antwerpen, maybe you'd like to tell us more about that (and don't forget the dirty details please).