Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have a Laugh

This guy is the single most funny writer in the blogosphere. He is also the writer of quite a few Doctor Who books, always a plus at the Fireplace. Because, make no fookin' mistake, Doctor Who is the epitome of sci-fi cool.

Nonetheless he also can put up a mean truth, too, as proven by sentences like:

"As a nation which only came into existence through the slavery of the blacks and the extermination of the locals, the US is the only country in the Western world that was founded on evil, and not only remains unrepentant but likes to turn its crimes into a kind of mythology."


"No country other than the US would spawn a writer like John Grisham, because no country other than the US would be daft enough to believe that the modern legal profession is really as manly and heroic as wrestling bears."

Suck on that, Jesuslanders!

Afterthought: If those Americans are really that stupid, while at the same time ruling the world, then how stupid is the rest of the world? Something to think about, hey?

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