Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rather Raving (about)

Circle - Tower

And they noodled on. Beautiful and going nowhere in particular. But to be honest, I like everything this lot does.

Circle - Tyrant

Another Circle, another style. This one's more NWOFS (New Wave of Finnish Shoegaze).

Tod Dockstader - Electronic

There are actually two volumes with exactly the same name. Pretty far removed from the abstract musings of the Aerial series this lies somewhere between the musique concrète experiments of the GRM, krautronics à la Cluster, sci-fi dramatics and industrial. I was absolutely flabbergasted by it.

Edgar Froese - Aqua

Pretty difficult to find something worth listening to in Froese's solo discography. This one's closest to Tangerine Dream circa Phaedra.

Pan American - For Waiting For Chasing

Atmosphere, nothing but atmosphere. Americana ambient, if there were such a thing.

Aphrodite's Child - 666

I confess: I am a prog lover. And this concept album from Roussos and Vangelis about the Apocalypse is as prog as they come. With incredible opera styled vocals from Irene Pappas as a bonus. Only for the brave!

Pentangle - People on the Highway

Folkrock from Bert Jansch's group. With lots of high-pitched girl's voices singing about Albion, snow and sun, wedding dresses, mountains, sweethearts and such. Flowerchildren ahoy!

Sacrificial Totem - Hurqalya

Pagan black metal noise that would scare away even Satan himself. Disturbing shit. For those who can dig the universe-being-born aesthetics of Cluster '71.

Boredoms - Super Roots 9

One track, 40 minutes long, of totally over the top extravaganza. Including insane sampled choirs. Carmina Burana meets Japanoise.

Acid Mothers Temple - In C

Terry Riley sounds like Neu! in these hands. Grooved out!

Keiji Haino - Book of Eternity Set Aflame

Scorched earth style guitar noise rules on this one. Wouldn't be amazed if it turned out Stephen O'Malley has this one in his collection. Louder than Wolf Eyes and more unnerving than Sunn o))). Haino is The King.

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